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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There is alot of pressure tagged along with wedding arrangements which sometimes can lead to major disappointments...how do i know this?well,iam soon to be married so yeah,that explains why i havent been active on posting lately..
simple advice:
whe n you feel all this wedding arrangements have drained you and all you have are fights over little things that make you want to quit the whole process..then that is the time you know you need to stop and do two things,PRAY & GO BACK INTO MEMORY LANE.just remember how you met and how long the journey has been,trust me it will fill you with billions of energy to get up apologise and make the arrangements with a rejuvinated spirit.
I happen to have read a super sweet story and i felt i should share.
check this out,

How Uleyi & Itu Metby Uleyi
Itu and I met in Calabar. We had mutual friends and occasionally bumped into each other at events. At times, he would say hi to me. I wasn’t particularly amused by his attempts to be friendly…but being the smart guy that he is, he took my aloofness in stride and waited for the perfect opportunity to make his move. It came when he needed a model for his business calendar. He got my number from a friend and called to set up a meeting during which I turned down his request.
I remember warning him never to call me again and walking away in a dramatic huff. He conceded for six months and then…
One night, he called me with a hidden Caller ID. I thought it was someone else, a ‘toaster’ who had a penchant for calling at that time. I was ill so I didn’t notice that the caller’s voice was different. We talked for a long time. It seemed very normal and familiar, and while this might sound like a cliché, it truly felt as if I was talking to someone I had known all my life. Funnily enough, it didn’t dawn that there was something odd about the conversation. He called at the same time the next day, this time with a visible Caller ID, and I was furious that he had the nerve to call at such an ‘inappropriate’ hour. I complained to my sister but answered the phone anyway, and after a string of increasingly embarrassing follow-up questions, I realized that he was the person I had spoken to the previous night. One phone call led to another, then to our first date.
Our relationship evolved naturally, with support and encouragement from our friends and families. Itu is a wonderful person (he says I’m more wonderful than he is and who am I to argue!) and I’m a better person for having him in my life.
The Proposal!
It was December 2010, a day of blue skies and sunlight on a beach in Cape Coast, Ghana. Itu and I were on holiday with my sister. We had dated for five years at the time. We were by the shore, soaking in the tide..or rather our clothes were. He asked me to help him remove something from his pocket as his hands were sandy.
I reached in and pulled out a little black box.
As soon as I realized what it was, I ran. I’ve never run so fast in my life.
My sister – who wasn’t part of the plan but quickly caught on – proved that an athletic gene runs in our family by chasing me. It was all so melodramatic – me running and yelling, my sister running after me and yelling, Itu running after both of us and yelling – to the delight and amusement of some tourists who clicked away at their cameras gleefully. I suspect that we became the subject of several blog posts like Three People You Should Avoid While On Holiday and Tropical Proposal Gone Wild.
Anyway, she caught up with me and got me to calm down. When Itu was sure that I wouldn’t pull a Florence Griffith-Joyner on him again, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shy. I couldn’t say yes until he got up. By then people had gathered to say congrats and take more pictures of the runaway bride and her steadfast groom. Later, we shared the happy news with our family and friends and our journey to the altar began.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beautifully African..!

The song African Queen is still to me the most beautiful song ever sung in appreciation of the African woman.May be it is my ignorance of african musicians or it is the western wind having its toll on me!
Its not the words that transcend the word AFRICAN QUEEN but rather the word itself.it bares so much in it....!dignity,love,compassion,composure and ofcos beauty!

Just the other day,i happen to have been chatting with a white woman on one of the social networks we have these days and i happened to have mentioned to her that iam African,she got so shocked and asked me how it feels beeing black,because aparently in a certain european country(name withheld) black people are taken to be very ugly.so to them,white is beautiful-black is ugly and hear i was thinking Africans are ignorant,hmmmn!
Whatever i replied is censored(pg18)lol!
It didnt bother me atall,because i know when you hate on someone,it is only because you want to be like them.they have selfesteem issues and because we got it all held together,they feel beaten.
So today i want to celebrate with you African beauty!

I want all you black sisters to know that you are beautiful,no matter the shape,size or tribe.
All you need to do to spice up that fab look of yours is put a little touch of style in you,dress well,groom yourself and appreciate yourself and yeah,you will be hotter than hot..you will be steaming!
you want proof?
check these girls out..they are sooooooooooooo African,and they are sooooooooooo Beautiful let alone stylish!

African Queens indeed!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Floral prints are just the thing for me this season.
I have this green floral dress that my sister adores madly!
I picked inspiration from it and decided i will have a feature of the print on this blog..so here it is!
I picked my two very beautiful muses for the week and we had a fun fun extra fun photo shoot.
If you never gave this print a thought in your outfits....i think you had better do so NOW!
It has a way of brightening everything..it totally changes your mood to happy,merry, bliss.....!
I think flowers represent happiness and peace and that is exactly how i feel wearing a print of such,and so do these two beautiful girls....Check this out!

                                                     A floral skirt.
                                                     A floral dress
                                          Yeah,it is kul like that!
                                                    It is fun too..
looks like the pawpaw had a great time too....lol!
                                                    No matter the design,it still looks good.
                                                    It feels good!
                                                    It is as good as it looks.
 I hope you do agree with me now...so go and get yours as soon as now!
You will love you and the loads of smiles you will wear!
Have fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The international call...(from America)

She had to hide her face like that..yeah,it is called SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a young sister i have.she apparently saw a call come through imediately she listed her number on the google mail call list,So she picks her phone and she is like...HALLO....!since when did we start conversations with the operator??Gees...,what a loss!then they give her directions for her subscription and she is soooo awed that she wanted to toss me the phone.....that was a funny moment...she even said bye to the OPERATOR!!Haaaaaahaaaaaaaaa,you have made my night.
Now guys,these are the little things that are so un intendedly done that actually spark us up and make the most enjoyable of moments.that right there was a classic movie act off script.Bigup sis...Fresh prince of bell air missed out a princess of Arusha....lol!
you officialy open the Art section of this blog...go girl!

Life's beautiful moments....

Have you ever wished somethings happened to you?
Well,maybe i do understand it now,i just wish i could have these moments...I think a weddings are beautiful and should be the happiest of all days.Still nervous about my own,but when i look at all these beautiful moments these people shared on their weddings,it brings me back to sanity and all i can do is wish and pray i have even better moments and a happier time.
That smile you are wearing only tells me one thing.....You do agree with me!lol!

The construction of the blog

Then i happen to have lost it completely....,
while constructing this blog,i totally lost my taste in colour.Gees,what am i doing.
I actually thought i had class but look at what i have chosen..Aaarrhgh..i hate it...but hey,atleast i have taken you behind the scenes..trust me,when this is done.....YOU WILL LOVE IT!
Let me keep trying,am sure i will land on a diamond for a blog skin....just hang in there Lightness!


This Blog is still under construction.
The next time you visit....you will be blown away....
Am looking for the best of the best stuff to add here for you interest..that is how sweet and thoughtful i can be..lol!
I want you to have a great time and enjoy all the finest of art Africa has to offer.....so just be patient as i do the donkey search work for you my beloved reader....!