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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beautifully African..!

The song African Queen is still to me the most beautiful song ever sung in appreciation of the African woman.May be it is my ignorance of african musicians or it is the western wind having its toll on me!
Its not the words that transcend the word AFRICAN QUEEN but rather the word itself.it bares so much in it....!dignity,love,compassion,composure and ofcos beauty!

Just the other day,i happen to have been chatting with a white woman on one of the social networks we have these days and i happened to have mentioned to her that iam African,she got so shocked and asked me how it feels beeing black,because aparently in a certain european country(name withheld) black people are taken to be very ugly.so to them,white is beautiful-black is ugly and hear i was thinking Africans are ignorant,hmmmn!
Whatever i replied is censored(pg18)lol!
It didnt bother me atall,because i know when you hate on someone,it is only because you want to be like them.they have selfesteem issues and because we got it all held together,they feel beaten.
So today i want to celebrate with you African beauty!

I want all you black sisters to know that you are beautiful,no matter the shape,size or tribe.
All you need to do to spice up that fab look of yours is put a little touch of style in you,dress well,groom yourself and appreciate yourself and yeah,you will be hotter than hot..you will be steaming!
you want proof?
check these girls out..they are sooooooooooooo African,and they are sooooooooooo Beautiful let alone stylish!

African Queens indeed!