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Monday, June 27, 2011


Floral prints are just the thing for me this season.
I have this green floral dress that my sister adores madly!
I picked inspiration from it and decided i will have a feature of the print on this blog..so here it is!
I picked my two very beautiful muses for the week and we had a fun fun extra fun photo shoot.
If you never gave this print a thought in your outfits....i think you had better do so NOW!
It has a way of brightening everything..it totally changes your mood to happy,merry, bliss.....!
I think flowers represent happiness and peace and that is exactly how i feel wearing a print of such,and so do these two beautiful girls....Check this out!

                                                     A floral skirt.
                                                     A floral dress
                                          Yeah,it is kul like that!
                                                    It is fun too..
looks like the pawpaw had a great time too....lol!
                                                    No matter the design,it still looks good.
                                                    It feels good!
                                                    It is as good as it looks.
 I hope you do agree with me now...so go and get yours as soon as now!
You will love you and the loads of smiles you will wear!
Have fun!


  1. Try this look and thank me laiter!

  2. Ulalaaaaaa......!

  3. found you girl, love the blog, now following, check out mine here. www.mbabaziannet.blogspot.com

  4. Hey Mbabazi,thanx sweetie.seen yours too and iam following too.its interesting!keep it popin gal!